7 High Tech Smart Devices You Just Have to Have

It’s strange to think how our lives have changed in the past 10 years. Smart devices have become an essential part of our daily routines, so much so that it’s sometimes hard to remember how we used to cope without them. 

From lights and thermostats, to fridges and ovens, there’s a smart version of pretty much any household device you could mention, all of which are controlled from the comfort of your sofa or the palm of your hand. 

They make our lives easier, simpler, less stressful, efficient, and even safer (as with smart locks for our front doors). 

With that in mind, we’ve scoured the internet to come up with some handy smart devices that you may not yet have in your portfolio. So, check out these seven must-have gadgets that should be incorporated into every smart home.

01Smart Shades to Brighten Your Mornings Without Getting Out of Bed

Instead of investing in smart shades, turn your existing window blinds into a smart device with the AXIS Gear.

 Installation is a simple DIY job using a few tools that you probably have in your toolbox. Pass the beaded chain of your existing blinds through the gear and you have instant motorized shades. 

Control them using the touch-strip or via the app and set opening and closing schedules to improve your home security when you’re on vacation. The AXIS Gear is compatible with ZigBee smart hubs letting you incorporate your shades into your smart home.

02Smart Floodlights to Bring Color to Your Garden

Control the lighting in your garden from the comfort of your front room with these Novostella BLink Smart Floodlights. These sleek-looking lights are waterproof and adjustable through 180 degrees letting you angle them to the optimum position whether you hang them from the eaves or place them on the ground. 

Each floodlight features an antenna for an increased control distance of up to 82 feet and Bluetooth mesh technology lets you control up to 128 individual lights at the same time. 

With 16 million dimmable RGB colors, a timing function, and the ability to set the lights to sync with music, these may be the only smart floodlights you’ll ever need to bring your garden party to life.

03Illuminate Your Home With Smart Bulbs

Novostella has not just sorted your outdoor lighting as its smart bulbs let you bring the company’s lighting technology indoors. These bulbs feature the same 16 million color options and eight scenes to adjust the lighting and set the mood in your home. 

Each 13W smart bulb is 1,300 lumens, making it more than three times brighter than a standard 40W bulb. In addition to controlling them from the app, these smart bulbs also work with your virtual assistant so can be turned on and off with the power of your voice.

04A Smart Vacuum That Actually Gets in the Corners

Tired of your smart vacuum missing the hard-to-reach areas? Then, you need the D8 Smart Vacuum from Neato. The D-shape design gives it a straight edge and squared corners so it gets into those awkward corners that circular smart vacuums can’t reach. 

Fully charged, the D8 has a good run time of 100 minutes to clean up to 750 square feet and will auto-recharge if it needs more power to complete a long cleaning run.

If you have delicate items or decor in certain parts of your home, you can set virtual no-go zones around them which the D8 will avoid.

05A Smart Baby Monitor That Can Help Soothe Your Baby Back to Sleep

Employ a virtual nanny with the Simshine SimCam Baby Monitor. This smart monitor lets you keep track of your baby’s sleep patterns and record special moments without you constantly having to watch over them. 

You can also keep your baby safe when you’re not around by setting up a virtual fence. If your little one manages to wriggle its way outside the fence, you instantly receive an alert. 

But, the best feature of this smart baby monitor is the automatic baby smoother. If your baby starts crying in the night, the SimCam soothes them back to sleep with its soft glowing lights and gentle lullaby music.

06A Smart Doorbell That Alerts up to 10x Faster Than the Ring Doorbell 2

Get alerted to visitors quicker with the Simshine Ango. This next-gen video doorbell is powered by on-device AI and has an alert speed of just 1-2 seconds — super fast when compared to Ring’s speed of 5-10 seconds. 

The built-in PIR sensor activates and starts recording as soon as movement is detected. Once it recognizes the motion is made by a person, you receive an instant alert rather than having to wait until the doorbell is pressed. It ensures you get to answer the door before your visitor gives up waiting.

07An Amazing Color-Changing Gaming Desk With Smart Wireless Charging

A must-have for any gamer is the E-WIN RGB Gaming Desk that has everything you would expect from a gaming table and more. There’s even a handy cup holder to keep your beverage of choice close at hand without the worry of it spilling. 

Strong aluminum legs ensure the desk is stable and doesn’t wobble. The carbon-fiber desktop looks great and provides a strong, smooth surface that a mouse travels across seamlessly making it ideal for gaming. 

But, it’s the in-built RGB strip lighting on the legs and around the edge of the desktop that really caught our eye. An integrated controller lets you select from preset effects, choose static colors, adjust the brightness, or turn the lights off completely if desired. The colors are vibrant and add extra intensity to the gaming experience.

Be the Envy of Your Neighbors

If you want to stay ahead of the crowd and have the smartest home on the block, you need to ensure you have the latest technology. These high-tech smart devices are sure to make your life easier and ensure you remain the envy of your friends and neighbors.