Best Gym Locker Locks: 2023 Buyer’s Guide for Enhanced Security

The finest gym locker locks buyer’s guide for 2023 is here! Choosing the correct lock for your gym locker can make a significant impact, whether you are a fitness fanatic, a gym owner, or just someone who wants to secure their possessions at the gym. Making a choice can be difficult due to the abundance of options on the market. But we’re here to help.

Understanding your Needs

Gym locker locks are available in a variety of forms, dimensions, and materials, each with a unique set of features and advantages. While others offer more sophisticated security protections, some are made to be simple to use. When choosing a gym locker lock, it’s crucial to take your demands, preferences, and desired level of security into account.

The security of your stuff is a major worry while using a gym locker. In busy gym facilities, theft can happen frequently, so having a trustworthy lock might help deter aspiring thieves. Additionally, having peace of mind and being able to concentrate on your workout without worrying about your possessions are benefits of choosing a high-quality gym locker lock.

The dimensions of the locker you’ll use are a crucial additional consideration. Gym lockers come in a variety of sizes and forms, and not all locks are compatible with every style of a locker. To avoid any compatibility concerns, it’s crucial to make sure the lock you select is compatible with your locker.

We will examine some of the top gym locker locks available on the market in our buyer’s guide, emphasizing their features and advantages. You will also receive a list of criteria, such as security level, usability, compatibility, and durability, to take into account while choosing a gym locker lock. This buyer’s guide will therefore assist you in locating the best gym locker lock for your requirements and price range, whether you are a squat master, cardio legend, or a gym poser (you know who you are!). Let’s get into it!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Gym Locker Lock

When deciding which gym lock is perfect for you, you should take a few factors into account. Don’t rush out and make your purchase without first thinking about the following factors:


What kind of lock would be the most practical for you? Numerous locking systems, including combination locks, biometric locks, and keyed locks, can be used with padlocks. Each kind of lock has particular weaknesses and advantages.

You want a lock that is sturdy and durable enough to withstand some little force. Even in a locker at the gym, someone could break your lock and flee before anyone noticed. Always purchase strong locks.

Form Factor

Size of Lock and Shackle: The size of the lock, particularly the shackle, is a crucial factor. A lock that is too big won’t fit the locker if you purchase one. The majority of lockers will take padlocks with a diameter of 10 mm or less. You should first check out the locker dimensions you’re most likely to use your new lock with. The thickest shackle is always going to provide the best security but not if it’s too big to even fit on the locker of your choice. If it doesn’t fit your needs, then you effectively wasted your money on a shiny paperweight!


Ask yourself where you’re going to be using the lock. What places are you using the lock for, and at what timeframes? You’ll most likely be fine with a less secure lock if the lock is only used to secure your belongings while you’re at the gym for thirty minutes or so. However, I would get a high-quality padlock if you intend to always leave valuable equipment in your locker for longer periods or even overnight.

Budget Range

When making a purchase, the item’s price is always taken into account. Good gym locks cost $10 to $50, and some high-tech models can cost well over $100. It all comes down to what you can afford and what you consider good value for your price range. Below we have three recommendations followed by a do’s and don’t guide for making your gym experience less stressful.

The Best on the Market – A Review of Our Top Picks for Gym Locks 2023

The FortLock Dial Padlock

FortLock Dial Padlock
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The FortLock Dial Padlock is our Editor’s Choice for the best overall gym locker lock because it is safe, affordable, and wonderfully made. The perfect balance to suit your needs!

The FortLock is one of the few rolling dial padlocks that I would personally trust for a locker in the school or gym because they didn’t cut corners while designing it. Strong, sturdy, and built to last it has an overall quality look and feel to it.

Lock Functions

The lock body of the FortLock is made of a zinc alloy, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting but also easy to melt (which is not a problem in a gym). It has a 7 mm diameter hardened steel shackle and fits most lockers perfectly. Large and simple-to-use dial wheels on this 4-digit combination lock can be a weakness if you’re not careful (more on this below).

The lock has a simple change button on the bottom that you may use to change your combination. You have 10,000 different combination codes with four dials, so you may choose one that you won’t forget with ease. The inclusion of this button makes it simple to get started even without looking at the instruction. Simplicity and time-saving, very clever!

Despite the fact that it is guaranteed by the manufacturers that it’s weatherproof, I wouldn’t use it to secure anything significant outside because it is still vulnerable to bolt cutters and other destructive techniques. Exteriors aren’t just prone to the elements and leaving it unwatched in an open area for long periods might be asking for trouble.

Security Options

Security flaws like shimming and decoding affect the majority of rolling-wheel combination locks. But FortLock did a superb job of putting in place security against frequent bypasses.

These security attributes consist of:

  • Shim Protection: When the combination is entered, the bolt keeping the shackle closed retracts and cannot be shimmered.
  • Decoding Shielding: An internal shield that prevents a thin piece of metal from decoding the moving wheel.

These are undoubtedly the most crucial security elements for a combination gym lock. Although no lock is truly impenetrable, the FortLock has enough resistance to deter most opportunists.

Potential Issues and Vulnerabilities

The one letdown in the FortLock design is the tumblers. The big numbers written on the dials of this padlock are my main source of concern. This makes it easier for your eyes to see, but it also makes it simpler for wandering eyes to potentially see too. If you dial in your combination while someone is sitting close, you just might give the game away. User vigilance may be required when in a crowded area.

It can also be cracked by touch (like a safe), but this takes a lot of expertise and effort. The majority of burglars or would-be thieves won’t take the time to learn how to pick locks or spend more than a few minutes attempting to get past your lock.

Overall the FortLock is an excellent and reasonably priced little lock and safe to use for gym lockers and more.


  • Budget-friendly sports locker lock
  • Safety from shimming and decoding
  • Built to last and be resilient
  • Simple to alter the mix
  • Suitable for outdoor use and other uses


  • Large numbers on the dial that might be read easily by inquisitive eyes

The Paclock 100A

Padlock 100A
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The PACLOCK 100A is a fantastic pick if you want a traditional keyed padlock. The PACLOCK’s creators truly want to offer a good lock. They collaborated with some of the greatest lock pickers in the world to find and fix product issues, which is a smart path to go down when trying to design a sturdy and suitable padlock.

Lock Functions

This lock is constructed with a steel core and a sturdy aluminum body, making it an extremely strong and secure piece of equipment. The 8mm thick reinforced shackle can easily fit most sports lockers.

Other colors available for this lock are black, brown, gold, green, orange, and purple. So now you can be stylish and secure at the same time!

Security Options

With a generous six internal pins (the more pins, the better as it’s harder to crack), the PACLOCK utilizes a typical pin tumbler locking mechanism.

Additionally, it has bump-proof and moderately pick-resistant security pins (spools and serrated).

The shackle is also shim-proof since it is secured shut by two ball bearings. Making this a very safe option for optimal security.

Potential Issues and Vulnerabilities

No real downside here, the design makes it incredibly difficult to penetrate. For me, this is ideal for use in a locker room setting.

Although no lock is pickproof, this one will put up a decent fight if someone attempts to pick it. I doubt anyone would be able to crack it without drawing attention to themselves and getting noticed. But do bear in mind that no lock is 100% unbreakable.

Like the other locks on this list, severing the shackle poses the biggest threat to this lock. Not an easy or quiet thing to do but worth considering before you make your purchase.


  • Durable lock body 
  • Core of six pins
  • Bump-resistant security pins
  • Shim-proof 


  • Not immune to being lockpicked
  • Could be broken at the shackle with a cutting tool

The Igloohome Smart Padlock

Igloohome Smart Padlock
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The Igloohome Smart Padlock is your best option if you want the market’s most secure gym lock. Combining modern technology with smart design makes this one of the best on the market to date. It would have been at the top of the list if not for the high price tag. But if you have the extra budget to spend, there is nothing better than the Igloohome Smart Padlock.

Lock Functions

The shackle is made of hardened stainless steel, and the lock body is robust. In a locker room, nobody picks this padlock without attracting attention. The shackle, however, is 9mm, which is somewhat huge and might not fit all lockers. Great for preventing thieves from breaking it but needs to be considered for its form factor.

May not fit all locker types so check before you buy.

Instead of requiring Wi-Fi, this smart padlock connects via Bluetooth. All you need is your phone!

You can add, remove, and distribute numerous Bluetooth access codes using the mobile app. This enables you to grant access to your locker to someone from anywhere in the world or to several people at once.

You can even make access codes that are one-time-use only or that expire after a certain period.

The mobile app is simple to use and runs on both iOS and Android.

A CR2 battery that comes with the device runs it for roughly a year. A 9-volt battery can be used to jumpstart the battery if it dies. This ridiculously long battery life means you can charge once and pretty much not worry about it again for a long time. Excellent design!

Security Options

Igloohome is a highly safe gadget. Only a PIN or a Bluetooth application can open it. Nothing needs to be decoded, and there are no keyholes. This is airtight.

As a smart padlock, it also has a few special functions.

Before inputting your access code, you can insert up to 8 random digits to fool any potential observers.

Security Lock Out

The gadget will lock out additional attempts after five incorrect pin entries. After then, it can only be unlocked using the app, the nine-digit master PIN, or by waiting 10 minutes (the waiting duration may be adjusted via the app).

Lock Alert

Accidentally unlocked locks are a top target for thieves. This lock uses a lock alarm to let you know if the lock isn’t securely closed.

Shim Resistant Shackle

The shackle is secured by a servo-controlled, unshimmable locking bar.

To know when the lock was last unlocked and with what access code, you can view an access log in the app. Additionally, it will show you any unsuccessful codes so you can see if someone is tampering with your lock. This access to information is ideal for all the tech nerds among us and offers peace of mind to all users.

Outdoor Use

I have no reservations about using it in a gym. Indoors the Igloohome is the absolute perfect lock. However, I wouldn’t advise using this lock outside. It’s not weatherproof, and it’s still quite susceptible to the elements. It would be a pity to have your very expensive lock destroyed by the weather so be warned. 

Overall, though this is a hugely impressive lock and possibly the best option for the gym if you can afford it.


  • Shim-proof
  • Bluetooth access codes can be generated, removed, and shared from anywhere in the globe. Special features include access records, auto-lock, and lock alarms.
  • If the battery dies, a 9-Volt battery can be used to jumpstart it.


  • Pricey alternative
  • utilizes a single-use CR2 battery
  • 9mm shackle is not waterproof; possibly too thick for some lockers

Advice on Optimal Biometric/Fingerprint Gym Lock

Lately, the popularity of fingerprint and biometric locks has soared. But to be perfectly honest, we wouldn’t advise using them for your gym locks. Here’s why traditional is still better in our opinion:

Biometric and Fingerprint locks have a history of acting improperly, including taking any fingerprint or suddenly refusing to accept any fingerprints.

As a backup in case they do fail, manufacturers frequently attach flimsy, unsecure backup locks on them.

Before a reliable fingerprint padlock enters the market, a few more years of development are still required. When that time comes, I’ll be sure to add one to the list if it lives up to the hype.

If you are determined to purchase one right now, then the Prezlock is currently the most reliable one on the market. As stated, we still don’t feel these beat the traditional locks yet but it is wonderful to see such innovation taking place. So, if you want a biometric lock…then check out the Prezlock!

Worst Locker Locks In Gyms

We’ve covered the best on the market but it’s important to discuss some out there that aren’t worth your time or your money. We’d advise staying away from these at all costs unless you require a padlock that merely secures the locker closed. In some cases, the locks below cost more than our recommended ones and fail to do the job. Avoid these at all costs!

Master Lock 141D

This item, Master Lock 141D, is included on a list of numerous additional “security websites.” Never secure anything you own with this lock or a low-quality Master Lock. This specific lock is the one I advise new lock pickers to use as their first practice lock the most. It’s that simple to go about.

One of the most well-known combination lock brands in the world is the Master Lock. Having said that, there are far too many significant security weaknesses in Master Locks’ combination locks. A quick trip to YouTube and you’ll see even beginner lockpickers popping these locks in mere nanoseconds. 

Benji Fingerprint Lock

As far as fingerprint locks go, the Benji is a relatively reliable option. It has one fatal fault, though. If the battery runs out or the biometric locking mechanism malfunctions, a backup keyway on the lock’s bottom allows you to open it manually. Even inexperienced lock pickers can easily pick this keyway. Even if it’s not the worst lock you can get, I wouldn’t trust leaving it unsupervised overnight or for a prolonged period.


And that’s our list! We’ve shown you the best, the worst, and the wonderful in between! Hopefully, our expert knowledge can help you to make the best choice that suits your needs and also doesn’t break the bank. There is nothing worse than having your possessions taken and we hope you’ll now be able to make an informed decision with our shopping guide for 2023. Stay safe!