Best Unique Corporate Gifts 2021

Everyone loves a freebie, especially corporate gifts. And companies love giving them. What better way to keep your brand at the forefront of customers’ and clients’ minds than gifting them something embossed with your corporate logo. The right corporate gift can show appreciation from employees, attract the attention of a ‘big whale’ you’ve been looking to land as a client, or as a perpetual form of advertising.

But, more often than not, the corporate gifts we give out (and receive) tend to be pretty bland. After all, little imagination or thought goes into the usual pens, key fobs, mugs, or mouse pads everyone passes out.

No longer. Its 2021 and it’s time to start thinking outside the proverbial corporate gift box. In this guide we help you come up with gifts that are unique, and will keep people thinking of your company all year round.

We’ve crawled the internet to find the best unique corporate gifts for 2021. Read on to find out what personalized gifts you could be handing out to your clients, customers, and employees this year.

Play to peoples’ sweet tooth with personalized ice cream. eCreamery lets you customize pints of ice cream in two different ways. For small orders, purchase a minimum of four pints and you have the option of writing a personal message on the label to each recipient.

For large corporate purchases, eCreamery will even incorporate your logo or branding onto the label of each pint. Available in a wide variety of flavors, this delicious handcrafted ice cream is a tasty alternative to the usual corporate gift that recipients will remember and appreciate.

Dubbed as one of the best coffees in the world, Kona coffee is a real treat for coffee lovers. But to give your clients something to truly remember you, send them a duo pack of Peaberry Kona Roast.

Only 3-5% of coffee cherries hold one oval bean instead of two flat-sided beans making them very unique. Known as Peaberry beans, they produce a full-bodied, smooth coffee with a slight bite to it.

Each pack contains one bag of medium roast and another of dark roast and is delivered in an attractive gift box. Coffee-loving customers will definitely thank you for the chance to experience Kona coffee.

Thank your loyal customers with this Assorted Tea Gift Box from Art of Tea. Flavored teas are becoming more and more popular as people look for a healthier alternative to coffee.

This gift box comes with six tea bags of six different flavors, including Green Pomegranate, White Coconut Creme, and French Lemon Ginger. The teas are presented in a beautiful gray leatherette gift box that your customers can use for many other purposes even after the tea has gone, keeping your company in their mind.

You can’t go wrong with cookies which is why the Cookie of the Month Club from Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop is a great idea. 

You can choose from one, three, six, or 12-month plans depending on your budget, and include a personalized message so the recipient knows exactly who their gift is from. Each month, the recipient is sent a selection of 12 freshly baked cookies or a special eight-inch cookie pie. 

If you go with a longer plan, your clients will be reminded of you every time they receive their monthly batch of tasty goodies.

Clients are sure to appreciate your company when they receive their Porter Road Meat Delivery Box. Options include a Grill Master Box, Beef and Pork Basics, and a Butcher’s Choice Box that contains a hand-picked selection of premium meat cuts.

Choose to send your gift every two, four, or eight weeks and enclose a personal note to thank your client for their business.

Whether they host a barbecue and share their gift with friends and colleagues or cook up a treat for their family, you can be confident that your customer will be singing your company’s praises for the quality meat it’s provided.

Universal Yums Snacks is a fun corporate gift offering people the chance to sample snacks from around the world. From less than $15, your client will receive a selection of unique snacks from Taiwan, Greece, Turkey, or South Korea, along with a guidebook featuring trivia and interactive games.

You can pick the country of your choice for the first delivery. If you opt for a three, six, or twelve-month subscription, Universal Yums will send a surprise country package each month.

Every time they receive their treats, your customer will be reminded of who they have to thank for teaching them about different countries, cultures, and their culinary delights.

Possibly the most unique corporate gift we found was the Lobster Anywhere Dinner Box. Your lucky clients will be transported to the Maine coast as they tuck into a tasty lobster dinner.

Lobster Anywhere only uses wild, sustainably sourced Maine lobsters that are full of flavor, and they ship overnight so they arrive as fresh as possible. Not sure when your client will be available to receive their fresh seafood gift? No problem. Send them a gift certificate for the meal and they can arrange a convenient delivery date.

Whether you send a Boston Lobster Bake, Poseidon’s Catch, or Lobster Anywhere’s take on surf and turf, your clients will receive a gift unlike any they have received before.

A box of scones is an ideal corporate gift for individuals who are constantly on the go and preoccupied with their daily tasks. Seven Sisters Scones has a range of corporate gift options. You may design your own box or pick a gift ranging from $30 to $85. There are other categories to choose from, including cookies and bars, gluten-free sweets and snacks, and subscription boxes beginning at $29. Seven Sisters Scones not only has a variety of flavors to pick from, but they also provide vegan and gluten-free alternatives.

Make Sure Your Company Stands Out, With the Right Corporate Gifts

Hopefully, our selection of the best unique corporate gifts 2021 has given you some ideas of how you can stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s meat, ice cream, tea, lobster, or one of our other picks, your company is sure to stick in the minds of your clients and customers and keep them using your services for years to come.