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These are the Highest Recommended Dog Food Delivery Services to Choose from in 2021

You’ve heard of HelloFresh

You’ve heard of Blue Apron.

You’ve even heard of EveryPlate

But have you ever heard of food delivery services for dogs

If you haven’t, then why the hell not? 
While you’re having meals catered to you, your furry best friend should have the same luxuries. 

Disenchantment with large pet food brands and concern over the quality and health benefits of dog food has led many dog owners to consider options that have a range of nutritional benefits to keep your pup healthy and happy. 

Dog owners love pet food delivery services exactly for this reason – you can pick and choose which diets suit your canine best, from grain-free, raw, or even meat-free. 

If you want to give your pup the best start when it comes to their physical and mental development, we recommend choosing meals that offer the best variety when it comes to nutrition. That means foods packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy carbs, and plenty of fiber to keep them bounding around for longer.

What Are Dog Food Delivery Services?

A dog food delivery service, as you might’ve guessed it, is a subscription-based service that allows you to pick and choose carefully-curated meals for your dog and have them hand-delivered right to your front door at a time scale of your choosing. 

Pet food delivery is a sophisticated, elegant alternative for busy pup parents to help lighten the load when it comes to feeding time. 

From custom dog food blends to specific, veterinarian-approved diets, these meals come in all shapes and sizes, and many are even fit for human consumption! 

So, if you can eat it, you can rest easy knowing your dog will be perfectly safe eating it too. With heaps of variety to choose from, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of our top picks, ranging from the best overall to the best wet dog food, and even the best human-grade dog food for pups with a palate for the finer things in life! 

We hope you can find the perfect kibbles for your furry friend, whether they’re leaping and bounding in youth, or kicking back and relaxing in pupper retirement.

Ruff-Tastic Dog Food Delivery Services Fit For Every Dog

Take the mundane out of mealtimes, with our selection of high-quality, nutritious dog foods carefully cooked with your puppy’s unique needs in mind.

01Best Overall Dog Food Delivery Service:

The Farmer’s Dog provides your dog with long-lasting nutrition in meals made with real, human-grade meat and vegetables you could prepare in your own kitchen, with a few all-natural ingredients you might find in your very own backyard! 

Because humans shouldn’t be the only mammals that get to eat healthily! 

But maybe you’re tired of having to make your dog’s meals from scratch, frustrated at having found no easier alternatives (yet), and you’re desperate for a quick solution. 

Enter The Farmer’s Dog, a delicious meal that comes in easy-tear packages handy for feeding your dog on-the-fly, whether you’re zooming out of the house for an early meeting, or collapsing into the hallway at the end of a long shift – TFD is here for you! Just open and pour, and you and your pup can go about your days in a flash. 

And, because all of your dog’s meals are hand-picked with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, you can rest easy knowing your pup’s health and insides are all well catered to, with shelf-stable pet foods that can last for years.

02Best Dry:

While most dog food subscription kits emphasize their ‘easy cook, ‘easy serve’ frozen meals, Spot & Tango’s ‘UnKibble’ subscription provides the best of the best in fresh, dry food, ready to serve in seconds. Does your puppy go troublesome for turkey, or barking for beef? If so, then you’re in luck: S&T currently offer a wide variety of meal choices, including (but not limited to):

Beef and barley – core ingredients pack a proteinful punch, while added carrots, green beans, beets, and kelp provide ample nutrition for your growing pup. 

Duck and salmon – flax, sweet potatoes, spinach, and apples make up this flavor, and provide plenty of iron and essential vitamins to keep your furry friend energized for hours!

Like their fresh meals, Spot & Tango’s dry kibble is created with human-grade meats and other ingredients, with customizable recipes that are suitable for dogs of all ages, from rambunctious young pups to aged dogs with arthritis and other issues.

03Best Wet/Canned:

If you’re looking for a regular monthly wet, canned dog food that packs a flavorful punch and provides your dog with all of the nutrients they need, then look no further than Wysong’s range of adult and senior organic canned meats! 

Wysong canned dog meats are delicious, vibrant, and packed with over 95% meat, perfect for providing your dog with all of the protein they need to live an active, energized lifestyle. 

Wysong currently offers their canned dog food in both Adult and Senior formulations, with chicken or turkey protein, respectively. Each can comes with almost 13 oz of meat, but they also offer cases of up to 12 cans if you’re looking to stock up.

Wysong Adult with Organic Chicken 

The Adult with Organic Chicken flavor is a premium canned dog food formulated specifically for adult dogs in mind, so they can go bounding around for hours. 

Unlike most canned dog food, Wysong is 100% natural, with fresh, healthy, whole ingredients, and a blended spectrum of micronutrients. 

One can of this wet dog food costs you $4.39, whereas a case of 12 will typically cost you $44.

Wysong Senior with Organic Turkey 

Just like the Adult option, Wysong Senior comes with 95% turkey meat and other micronutrients curated especially to give your dog that extra boost for their play-filled days and healing snoozes at night. 

Although this variety is curated for aged dogs, Wysong themselves suggests that you can and should also feed this to dogs at any stage of their life, as part of a balanced, rotating diet. One can of this senior canned food costs you $5.25, whereas a case of 12 cans will cost you $53.59.

Noteworthy Info About Wysong Dog Food:

Wysong is the best of the best when it comes to flexibility, in that they currently offer free auto-shipping with a significant 10% discount per order. 

And when I say flexible, I mean really flexible – their auto-shipping offers options to ship between every: 

5 days
1 – 4 weeks 


1 – 6 months!

That’s an incredible amount of options, fit to suit the stay-at-home pet parent or high-flying entrepreneur with a hectic schedule.

04Best Fresh/Raw:

If you want the very best for your furry best friend, we always recommend adopting a high BARF diet (Bones And Raw Food), as this will allow your dogs to enjoy all of the flavors of a processed meal, without any of the harmful toxins and added preservatives. 

Added bonus: they’re also great for reducing your dog’s weight, stabilizing their bowels, and developing strong, healthy bones and muscles. 

Who better to provide all that, than leading raw dog food brand, RawWild

RawWild firmly believes in feeding dogs the food that they’re historically and biologically used to, which has and should always be raw, natural game meat and fresh vegetation their wolven ancestors could find in the wilderness. 

That’s why their dishes include some of the most sought-after meats on the market: elk and deer – the only sources of animal protein you’ll actually find in their dishes. 

They currently offer plans based on the size and weight of your dog, and all come with free shipping, as follows:

Lap Size – 12lbs, $10.99 per pound 

Mid Size – 24lbs, $9.99 per pound; this is their most popular subscription 

Full Size – 48lbs, $8.99 per pound

If you’re not convinced yet, head over to their website and check out their premium offer: you get your first plan with 25% off when you try their dog food trial! That’s an incredible savings opportunity!

05Best Fresh/Raw:

If you’re looking for a reliable source of up to 98% fresh meat to use as either the main food or food topper, look no further than the Rawbble Freeze-Dried Dog Food collection from BixbiPet

Any dog meal will be taken to the next level with this fantastic free-dried dog food. 

Packed with 95-98% meat, organs and bone in every bite, you can wave goodbye to your dog’s growling stomach and say hello to a satiated and well-fed puppy, all barks and howls of joy!

The variety of sumptuous, drool-worthy flavors included in the Rawbble collection are: 

Chick & Salmon 

and all of them are made and sourced in the USA, except for the French duck and New Zealand lamb, so you can rest easy knowing most of your dog’s food is as fresh as it can be, and hasn’t spent days stuck in shipping. 

More importantly, though, all of Rawbble’s offerings are made with no added hormones, antibiotics, artificial preservatives or colors. 

If you’re not sure, you can trial their offerings with a Rawbble Sample Box, available for just $10!`

Since 2010, Just Food For Dogs has dedicated its business to a true passion of its owner: offering nutritionally balanced, healthy meals aimed at improving the quality of life for as many dogs as possible. 

Always fresh, always nutrient-dense, always healthy, these meals can bring out the very best in your doggo, extending their life and improving energy, focus, attention, creativity and more. Each meal is made from whole fresh foods, transparently made in a first-ever ‘dog kitchen’ and with nutrition backed by scientific evidence. 

With meals reviewed and evaluated by licensed nutrition consultants and veterinary professionals, pet owners can see and experience the difference in their pets within just two weeks of their new diet. 

Conventional dog food is akin to fast food for pets. You wouldn’t feed it to your kids daily. So why would you feed it to your fur babies? Consider making the switch to whole foods from Just Food for Dogs, a safe and reliable way to give your pet everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Order And Delivery Features

Daily Meals For Dogs And Puppies

Find out just how life-changing these meals can be for your puppy or older best friend. Each meal is made from fresh human-edible ingredients, with zero preservatives, and proven healthy for your pet. Simply thaw and serve when ready.

Meal Options Include:

Always made fresh, these meals are fast, convenient and guaranteed to give your pet everything they need to enjoy life to the fullest. Support your pet’s health and wellness by giving them the right fuel to keep them as energetic and youthful as they were when they were a pup.

Vet Prescribed Foods For Dogs

Does your special fur baby have special dietary needs? Has your veterinarian suggested a specific type of meal plan? Are you having trouble finding a commercially available dog food that accommodates your dog’s needs?

Just Food For Dogs has just what you need, offering vet prescribed foods for dogs, supporting healthy lifestyles, extending your pet’s quality of life, and more. Just Food For Dogs offers Veterinary Support Rx (prescription required), meals featuring ZERO preservatives, made from whole human edible ingredients and ready to thaw and serve.

Options Include:

  • Renal (kidney) support low protein meals
  • Balanced remedy for holistic nutrition
  • Joint and Skin support meals
  • Critical care support meals
  • Hepatic (liver) support, low-fat meals
  • Metabolic (diabetic) support with low-fat meals
  • And more…

Give your pet the very best with meals from the #1 recommended fresh food by veterinarians. You know an all-natural, whole food diet is good for your own health, why not give your pet the same and help them live their best life. With meals designed to address your pet’s health concerns, you can help them live a happy, healthy life for longer, giving them the nutrients they need to thrive.

Question Time For Pups & Pet Owners

Why Is Good Dog Food Important?

It should go without saying, but your dog is alive and sentient, just like any other mammal. Their health is just as important as our own, and in that regard, it’s vital that you ensure that they get the best nutrition possible if you want them to live a long, healthy, and fulfilled life. 

That being said, far too many dog owners still labor under the impression that, since dogs willingly eat pretty much anything, simply feeding them enough food and giving them enough exercise is sufficient to keep them happy and healthy. 

Unfortunately, this is far from true. 

Just like humans cannot survive on years of junk and fast food they, too, need the right type of food to maintain healthy bones, develop strong muscles and live a full and vibrant life. 

In their article on the benefits of proper nutrition, PetMd says it best:

The proper balance of nutrients is essential when feeding your dog. Animals (and humans) need a certain combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water every day in order to function normally. 

Without adequate nutrition, your dog would not be able to maintain muscle tone, build and repair muscles, teeth, and bone, perform normal daily activities with ease or fight off infection. 

Proteins provide a source of energy and help with muscle function and growth. 

Fats provide energy, help the brain function and keep the skin and hair coat shiny and healthy. 

Carbohydrates supply a source of quick energy that allows your dog to be active and energetic. 

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for muscle contraction and nerve conduction and they work to prevent disease.

So, as you can see, good nutrition is essential to ensuring your dog has a long, energetic, and well-developed functioning life.

Which Dog Foods And Ingredients Should I Be Avoiding AT ALL COSTS?

The most important thing to look at when it comes to choosing your dog food delivery service is the ingredients of said meals. 

Some ingredients in the cheaper options – for reasons you’ll no doubt understand – provide a minuscule amount of trace nutrients, and often include added preservatives and unhealthy additives that could be extremely harmful to your dog’s health and wellbeing. 

These are just some of the ingredients that should be avoided and checked for:

  • BHA, BHT ethoxyquin, propylene glycol, and sodium selenite (dangerous chemicals added to keep the foods ‘fresh’ for longer) 
  • Unspecified proteins, such as ‘meat’, ‘meat-meal’ and other ‘by-products’ – this could mean literally anything, i.e. meats that aren’t actually suitable for dogs or any mammals in general. 
  • Unhealthy grains such as corn, wheat, and soy – these may be perfectly safe for humans to ingest, but they’re dangerous to dogs

Why People Love Pet Food Delivery Services & Why You Should Make The Switch ASAP


Most dog food delivery services come with meal kits that are already pre-portioned, handily packaged, and ready to serve. 

While there may be a few that require a little extra preparation (like The Farmer’s Dog, which requires refrigeration and fluffing), generally you can expect to simply tear open your packet and pour! 

With a dog food delivery service, mealtimes are almost instantaneous, leaving you with all of that precious extra time to spend curled up in cuddles with your gorgeous pupper.

02They Take The Stress Out Of Feeding Time

These dog meals are so healthy and tasty that, eventually, your dog will come to associate mealtimes with some truly delicious dog food. 

Before you know it, they’ll be eagerly waiting by their bowl before you even call them to it! Not only that, but you don’t have to rush to the store every time you find you’ve run out of doggy kibble. With a delivery service delivered weekly or monthly, you get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it, with no chance of running out.

03Regular, Balanced Dog Meals

All dog food delivery services come with a range of nutritional benefits, with everything you need to give your dog a healthy, balanced doggy diet. This includes: 

Animal protein
Vital vitamins and nutrients 
Fresh vegetables 

And every meal is different, so your fiesty pupper will never miss out on the essential nutrients they need to grow into vibrant, fun-loving canines.

04Dogs Of All Ages Can Sample Their Delicacies

Fresh dog food is fantastic for both puppies and ageing dogs to eat, given their ample nutrients and variety of forms that they come in. 

For example, while your dogs are getting used to solid foods, you can ease them in with a wet dog food before slowly transitioning to a service that provides dry kibble, or a weekly/monthly mix of both. 

Furthermore, many dog food delivery services such as NomNom, provide special puppy formulas specially formulated with your dog’s specific needs in mind. 

Simply log on to their site, fill in a simple Pet Profile, and voila! They’ll use the information to create a balanced meal fit for soothing and providing key nutrients to your pupper, no matter what stage of life they’re in.

05No More Wet Dog Food Stank!

We know opening a can of damp, aging wet dog food leaves you wanting to gag every time dinner rolls around, and no owner should have to go through that every day if they don’t want to. 

That’s why we believe dog food subscription delivery services can offer an elegant solution: nutritious meals served in whatever form you’re comfortable with, whether that means fresh food, raw ingredients, or dry kibble rich in vitamins and protein. 

Or, if the smell of wet dog food doesn’t really bother you, there are delivery services for that too!

06No Harmful Toxins Or Dangerous Ingredients, Unlike Store-Bought Kibble

In general, store-bought kibble is alright if you’re on a budget or in an emergency. 

However, it’s important to remember that the cheaper food options come at a significant sacrifice to your dog’s health and wellbeing. That’s because the cheaper they are, the heavier the toxin count, and the more likely that they’ll contain ingredients that are extremely unhealthy and often toxic. 

On the other hand, a dog food delivery service, whether fresh or not, provides rich ingredients that are all veterinarian-approved. So, you can rest easy knowing that every meal contributes to the maintenance and boosting of your dog’s health and development.

07Variety To Suit All Lifestyles

Many dog food delivery services offer the option to customize your dog’s meal plans so that you can get the exact nutrients your puppy needs every single week or month. 

They also offer plenty of flexibility – as mentioned above, they offer weekly or monthly options, so you can keep track of all of your food deliveries and coordinate your dog’s meals with your own! 


Not only that, but most delivery services also offer different plans based on how many meals you want your dog to have per week or month. For example, Spot & Tango offers meals starting at $2 per meal, increasing with every meal added. 

On the other hand, NomNom offers weekly, biweekly or monthly deliveries starting at $49 per month for small dogs, increasing up to $328 per month for larger dogs.

08Your Dog Gets Food That Actually Tastes Good

Remember the days when the only options for dog food were heavily processed canned meats and jellies, or horrendously toxic dry kibble out of a box? 

We all do, and we shudder at the memory of such a restricted time. 

Bland, cardboard-flavored kibble, uninspiring sludge ‘meat’ soups, and poor-quality treats that left your dog reeling rather than salivating. 

Nowadays, though, there’s more variety than you could dream of! Dozens of flavors and flavor combinations, and a whole host of forms to leave your dogs drooling at their bowls!

09Overall, They're A LOT Cheaper Than Store-Bought Dog Food

This should really go without saying, but the best delivery services pack a real punch when it comes to amounts, nutritional values, portions, and more, all for a budget you can be comfortable with. 

Typically, depending on the type of food your dog needs, the prices are often a LOT cheaper than purchasing dog food at your local pet supply store. On average, costs for dog food subscription services range between $45 to $140 per month. Usually, the less processed your dog food is, the more expensive it will be, understandably (if you want your dog to have the most nutritious, balanced, personalized diet for their needs. 

Most dog food delivery services offer plans tailored to either weekly or monthly food subscriptions, depending on how often you run out of food.

10Your Dog Will Be MUCH Happier For It

Dogs that eat well, sleep well. 

And we all know important sleep is to our dog’s health and wellbeing. 

Regular, nutritionally-balanced and flavorful food delivery can help to alleviate allergies, give your dog heaps more energy, and improve their overall digestion. 

All of this, plus, they’ll come to appreciate dinner time in a huge way, eager for such delicious food they won’t be able to resist!

How We Chose The Best Dog Food Delivery Service

We started by looking at the ingredients, organizing our choices by way of the best wet, dry, fresh or processed food, while making sure that they all contained whole sources of animal protein and vegetables. One of the most important factors in our decision process was whether or not each brand contained fillers or preservatives – we made sure that none of the items on our list did contain such things. 

Next, we chose based on the level of flexibility and variety that the food had to offer – were there enough delivery scheduling options? Was there enough variety in flavors/animal proteins? Were there cheaper or more expensive plans for different budgets? These were all vital questions we had to ask to get the best selection for you, our loyal readers. 

Above all, we had to make sure all of our selections met the nutritional standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), a non-profit that sets unwavering standards for pet foods and animal feed in the U.S. Because, your pets deserve to have the safest food possible, to ensure they live a full, happy, and vibrant life packed with years of play!